Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There she blow's!!

     "Zeta" is happily back in the water.  She is once again water tight, so I went on to the next perplexing problem... the venting system for the holding tanks.

     After tracing hoses, running a snake up the expected vent hose, the mystery was finally solved.  The initial inspection found the hoses to go through the engine room then up to the wheel house.  To figure out where the vent house ended I hooked up a vacuum cleaner and blew air in both directions in the line at a joint in the wheel house.

     When pushing air toward the forward holding tank a couple of quarts of water came out.  When hooked up in the opposite direction the air came out in a somewhat strange place.... the mast steeped on the top of the wheel house!!

     This was rather strange.  The main problem is you have to keep track of the level in the holding tanks so that they do not back up into the vent line.  This must have happen with the previous owner, thus causing the vent line to become blocked.

     On to more oddities... g