Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another survey item down…

      A master battery switch has been installed for the generator.  This hopefully has solved a couple of issues.  The first being an item that was on the "buyer's" survey report, "Provide and install a shut-off switch for the generator positive start cable."

     The other potential problem that was solved by installing the generator battery switch is the prevention of a battery drain, and not being able to supply A/C power to the vessel.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We got the heat...

                    After installing a new fuel line and reworking the exhaust system, we have heat! 

                                                     The system works extremely well.
                       We are ready for the coldest nights and crisp mornings... bring it on.

Can you hear me??

     We spent some time with the manual, then in frustration called a local dealer/distributor and in the end lost the battle with the Raymarine Ray49E VHF radio.  According to the manual we where suppose to be able to change the channel set from the International to the US frequencies.  But, both myself and the dealer gave up.  After a phone call by the dealer, Raymarine finally indicated that it was as odd situation and they would have to do the reset so that the US channel set could be used.
     The radio was sent back to Raymarine ... the waiting is on to see what the final results are.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wide body, Tight fit....

     When we got to where we where going to berth "Zeta" we found that a can of Crisco was going to be needed....
     The situation did give us an opportunity to  meet every one on the dock!  After some help, some searching and a tape measure, we found a more appropriate slip.  It was not the length that got us, it was the wide beam of the gal...

Coming back to the "State's" ....

     We finally made it back to the US.  After almost a month in Ensenada, Mexico we made our way into San Diego.  On the way up we stopped at the Coral Marina and picked up 600 gallons of fuel at a price of $2.90 a gallon.  
     Then remember that new dripless shaft bearing we had installed?  About an hour out of the Coral Marina an alarm went off.  It indicated that there was no flow of the cooling water to the bearing.  After shutting down the engine I went below to see what was up. 
     The bearing had backed out of the coupling and had rotated braking off the hose that supplied the cooling water.  With a bit of knowledge I got the system back together in less then 15 minutes.  Accept for some water in the bilge, everything was fine.  So either the hose clamps where not installed properly, or need to be attended to before each voyage.

  When we went through customs I learned something new.  According to the agent, they can impose a fee for the work that is accomplished out of the US.  Having travel through out the world all my life, I had never heard of this.  I understand paying "duty" on the value of goods beyond the specified limit, but on labor?  I asked what does American Airline's do when they have a plane painted in Spain?  Do they pay duty on the paint job when it is brought back into the US?  The agent backed off and let it go.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flame out....

     And the maintenance goes on...

The Espar heater has a few installation problems.  The fuel line that was used is not of good quality and has failed internally causing the line to clog up.  But a real danger is the exhaust line.  It has been routed so close to the fuel line that if the unit had started up the exhaust heat would melt the fuel line and cause a fire.

                                   All of this is correctable, but it takes from the cruising time!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going Green

     You have most likely heard of the person putting diesel fuel into the gasoline tank of their car, or maybe the boater filling the water tank with diesel fuel.  If it can happen, then some place along the line it will happen.

      To help prevent this "Zeta's" diesel fuel fill ports are now painted green and the gray/black tank pump outs are painted black.