Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Around, Around it Goes...

After filling both tanks while in Mexico it was decided to keep burning out of the aft pair of tanks. It soon became apparent that "Zeta" was becoming a bit bow heavy so we switched to the forward pair of tanks.

 These tanks had never been filled, so we where a bit hesitant as to what may be waiting to test the fuel filtration system. As usual with new things, nothing goes 100% smoothly. The first item that was discovered was that the emergency shut off valve was in the off position. Then a drip started at the top part of a check valve fitting.

 In a short period of time we got both of these items squared away and first ran the generator for an hour before the bigger test of running the main engine. All seemed to be going well until we heard this loud alarm. After a bit of head scratching it turned out to be the fuel filter alarm for water in the filter. The remedy turned out to be a good lesson in how all the 12 valves function. We drained the water, looked up the necessary manuals on the internet, and made a note to obtain additional spare filters for these units.