Sunday, February 3, 2013

Electric heat... Where are the volts?

     Rather then use the diesel forced air heater while at dock, we have tried to use a portable 220 volt electric heater.  To make sure that we had a well protected electrical line, we patched into the separate circuits for the air conditioning heat pumps.   (The air conditioners heat pumps can not practically be used at dock side because the compressors are 50 HZ rather then 60 HZ.  There is no problem running the air conditioner heat pumps when either the inverter or on board generator are used because both produce 50 HZ power.) 

     The only issue we have run into is the under voltage that most docks sources have.  Where we are now the voltage is about 203 volts.  Because of the under voltage the electric heater does not produce it's normal heat output.

Water Overboard!

     Zeta was build under European standards.  As such, all of the waste water on board drained to tankage (gray and black water).  This created numerous trips to pump out stations for simply using the head or galley sink.

Gray Water Tank -  Now Plugged

This week we modified the galley sink plumbing so that the waste water now goes to a sump tank that is pumped overboard (the galley is below the water line so the sink can not be drained directly overboard).

New sump tank with internal electric pump

The next project is to remove the old gray water tank and replace it with an additional fresh water tank.