Friday, October 25, 2013

Looking Up….

     It is quite the view from the upper shrouds of any mast, but usually you are not up there for the view.
     For what ever unknown reason the radar unit on “Zeta” decided to give up the ghost.  We are now on the third time of trying to have it repaired and the frustration level is increasing.

     While I am no longer penitrating clouds in the aviation world, the entry into a coastal fog bank results in the same mind numbing experience.  Spacial disorientation is never a fun situation to experience.
     There are two sayings that I have always taken to heart.  “Get home ‘itis” can get you killed" and “Mother nature alway’s wins”.  Fixed or moving objects are not good things to meet up with in a fog bank.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sail Boat vrs "Zeta"

     Last spring we received a phone call from the marina that "Zeta" had been hit by a 45 foot sail boat while in her slip.  Being that "Zeta" is a steel vessel, our first thoughts where "we hope the sail boat did not sink"!

     The result was far from the truth.  The starboard shroud of the sail boat had wrapped around the engine of the dingy and destroyed "Zeta's" davit system.

    (The davit system failed where the gussets on the bottom ended)

     After the financial negotiations where complete, I took the time to redesign the davit system so that some design flaws could be aleviated.

(The davit now sits in a socket rather then two flanges that there bolted together)

     The new davits are made of thick walled stainless steel tubing.  The reach was decreased to bring the dingy in closer to the stern of the vessel.  The decrease in the reach and the support tubing seen in the next picture keeps the dingy from swinging.