Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just a little Close!!!

     After being on the dry for two weeks while the her bottom was reworked, we came back to the slip to find a new neighbor.... A little on the TIGHT side.

Not even 2 feet between the boats

A LITTLE of a challenge for 30 tons, Single screw, Full keel.
The bow thruster can earn it's cost at times like this!!

All Painted Up...

All done.... Ready for the water!
Good Size Rudder

Note Keel Cooler
Plenty of Zincs

THE tunnel

Taking it straight on, Full keel, 5' 4" draft 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Going Gray

     The first coat of the Interlux InterProtect 200E barrier coat has been applied.  Tomorrow the second coat will be applied.  The following day the bottom paint will be put on and we will FINALLY get back in the water.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Patch Work and Primer

The work is moving on!

The area’s that needed to be ground down to remove the rust and get down to the clean metal has been completed.

The primer coat has been applied.
She is now ready for the multiple coats of epoxy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Down to the metal....

     The soda blasting is done.  

     It is not actually not down to the metal, only in those spots where the original barrier coat did not adhere properly.


     Now a bit of sanding will take place and then the new epoxy barrier coat will be applied, and finally the bottom paint.

On the Dry .... and the Coins flow!

     After Zeta was put on the dry and pressure washed, it was determined that there was indeed a compatibility problem with the original Jotun bottom paint and the US products.  Additionally there where area’s where the barrier coat was not adhering properly to the metal.

Now four days is turning into two weeks out of the water so that the bottom can be soda blasted and an additional barrier coat applied along with the fresh bottom paint.

Blasting Away

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coming Out....

     It's that time again.  "Zeta" is coming out of the water to have some new paint applied to her bottom, and the zincs changed.  She was suppose to have come out yesterday, but things where not lining up.

     First the US Post Office decided to ship the new zincs to a post office in Ohio and mis place them for a week (Oh, by the way, they package was going from an area up by LA to the San Diego area.  I thought the route was north to south.  Not north to east!)

     Then mother nature decided to bring a wind to the area just as we where to leave the berth (that is "Zeta" and myself), and the electrons decided to quit flowing to the bow thruster.  Now normally I would not have hesitated, but being by myself, the water way being tight, and the wind coming up, I decided that taking a 30 ton tank out for a stroll was not the best idea.

     So, we decided to wait a few days.  Now the zinc's have been found and hopefully will be here by the end of the week, and I found where the road block was for the electrons going to the bow thruster.

     By the end of next week "Zeta" should have a rejuvenated bottom and be ready for another couple of years.  I have to figured out how to throw some paint up the mast to take care of a few rust spots.  The folks south of the boarder said they can complete the task with the mast in place, while the local shops want to remove the spar.  Removing the spar is a major task with all of the wiring, canvas, sails, etc..  More thought will have to be given to this project.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Time for research ... Time to repaint the bottom.

     We are in the process of researching what paint and methods will be best to repaint the bottom of "Zeta".  There seem to be multiple opinions as to the good and bad of "modern" materials that are suppose to be more friendly to the environment, but will they be effective and last as long as older paint systems.

Before Painted 2011

After Painted 2011

  Comments??  .... remember this is a steel vessel.