Sunday, March 20, 2016

Getting New Air

     When "Zeta" as purchased the engine room air was forced in (when the fan was turned on) from the outside and forced out (once again when the fan was turned on).  Both ducks and fans where within eighteen inches of each other, and exited to the aft area about eight inches from each other.
 Engine Room

     I never understood this for a multiple of reason's.  Both ducks where at the aft left side of the engine room.  The ducks where too close together (thus the "fresh air" sucking in the "exit air".  If the "fans" where not on then the flow was about zero.

Aft Deck

     Now both Fans in the engine room suck air from the left aft side of the engine room.  To decrease the friction of the ducting, the ducting in the aft deck area has been removed so the air from both ducts now flows into the box seen above and out through the vents.

     A hole was cut on the forward right side of the engine room and air is now ducted directly into the engine room, and has a fan to aid the flow when necessary.

 The ducting on the outside of the engine room.  The "bend" in the ducting helps keep water out, and the black area in the forward "box" is a one way  scupper valve to remove any water that may get in.